Fully Automatic Wire Crimping Machine | MT-208

Fully Automatic Wire Crimping Machine | MT-208; fully automatic, crimp mode, simple operation screen, parameters, dividing, cutting, stripping, crimping.


Fully Automatic Wire Crimping Machine | MT-208;

  • Application range: PH, XH, EH, ZH, SCN, SM, VH, Dupont and other ribbon connector and communication terminal;
  • Good stability: camshaft and cam transmission structure, balance clamping force, tidal clamping effect and highly finished products;
  • High precision: servo motor drive control the movement of flat wire, high precision terminal clamping control;
  • Crimping mode: Steering structure, the clamping direction at both ends of the wire can be changed;
  • High efficiency: Max, capacity 18,000 PCS/H, working 24 hours;
  • Simple operation: parameters set by touching the screen, the operation is easy to learn, one worker can operate several machines at the same time.



Wire Range 20P
Max. Wire Width 28mm
Single Wire Width 0.8-2.5mm
Cutting Length 72-9999mm
Precision Cut ± 0.5mm
Stripping Length 2-10mm
Tightening Force 20KN
Capacity 18,000PCS / H (20P düz tel)
Power Supply 220V 50HZ
Power 0.75 kW
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Weight 527KGS
Dimension 1850 * 760 * 1830mm
Function Tek,çift uçlu sıkma,aralık sıkma,pozitif ve negatif sıkma