Insulated Ferrule Fastening Machine | MT-206

Insulated Ferrule Fastening Machine | MT-206; It is controlled by micro-computer CMOS chip with human program design, which is more safe and reliable.


Insulated Ferrule Fastening Machine | MT-206

  • It uses the cassette die method, which can be changed easily compared to the 2.0T end ferrule machine.
  • It is controlled by microcomputer CMOS chip with human program design, which is safer and more reliable.
  • The use of loose ends instead of expensive roller ends provides economy.
  • The centrifuge has features such as free feeding, frequency conversion speed regulation, precise cylinder position and unit connection standard.
  • The working speed of loose ends is the same as compared to roller ends, but it saves labor and economy; It also improves cost performance.
  • It has special movable wheels that make the movement more consistent.
  • It can be used as a 2.0T crimping machine when needed; 800#,2000# values can be provided and side feed or back feed die can be used.



Engine 250 W
Work Lamp 60 W
Vibration Plate 120 W
Crimping Capacity 2.0 T
Slip Block Stroke 30 mm
Number of Bending 120 pcs/min
Closure Height 126 mm
Closing Height Adjustment 10 mm
Voltage AC 220 V/50 HZ
Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 450 * 800 * 1200 mm