Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine | MT-ATCM-H2

Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine | MT-ATCM-H2; It automatically cuts, strips and crimps cables between 0.15 mm² – 1mm².


Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine MT-ATCM-H2; uses touch screen control interface. It works stably, can send wire, cut wire, make ribbon wire and cut terminals very precisely. The machine is controlled by servo motor, it is ultra quiet.

Program and man-machine interface, easy operation, stability. High cable feeding, cutting, stripping, crimping, bending speed; high precision, high speed, very low noise. Feeding, cutting, stripping length, bending tension, speed and curling dwell time can be adjusted digitally.


Wire Diameter 0.15 – 1 mm2
Wire Length 40 -9999mm
Stripping Length 0 – 10mm
Power AC220/50Hz