Pipe/Hose/Tube/Fabric Cutting Machine (Temperature Capable) MT-MK100

Pipe/Hose/Tube/Fabric Cutting Machine MT-MK100, widely used in all kinds of webbing, elastic band, nylon belt, braided belt, zipper, woven belt, leather, cotton belt, shoelace, plastic hose, washing label, printing, various zipper, sealing tube material, non-woven fabric.


Pipe/Hose/Tube/Fabric Cutting Machine MT-MK100, the automatic cutting machine is a new type of machine with electromechanical integration, which can automatically control the mechanical movement with the input computer program, and automatically cut different widths of strip products such as braided belt, plastic hose, shoelace, plastic zipper, computer cable. It performs cutting according to the length and quantity you need, such as brand and similar. It is designed according to the flexibility of the cut material, which can provide higher cutting precision. With the heating device, it can heat seal different sizes of nylon braided belt, nylon brand and other nylon belt materials, without changing hot cutting and cold cutting tools. Equipped with infrared positioning device, it can be accurately cut with infrared detection system positioning. All already set data can be stored automatically before the switch is turned off. It has the features of high precision, fast and smooth cutting, automatic stop without material requirement and simple use. It is your first choice to improve production efficiency, quality and save labor cost.


Cutting Width 1-100mm
Cutting Length 0-99999mm
Cutting Thickness 4mm
Temperature Range Max. 350℃
Knife High Speed Steel
Power AC220/50Hz



Dimensions 550*410*385mm
Weight 23kg