Dual Axis Laser Diameter | MTLT-25XY

Double Axis Laser Diameter | MTLT-25XY; cable, wire, pipe, strip, glass etc. coming out of the extrusion machine in the production line. Measures the diameter of transparent-non-transparent materials.


Dual Axis Laser Diameter | MTLT-25XY; is used to measure cables, wires, hoses, pipes, strips, glass, etc. coming out of the extruder in the production line. It is designed for diameter measurement of transparent or non-transparent materials. It can control the working speed of the extrusion machines so that the products coming out of the production line are in the desired diameter.

  1. It adopts laser scanning technique, and the measuring range is very wide.
  2. Small volume, light weight, strong anti-jamming.
  3. High measuring accuracy and good repeatability.
  4. RS485 communication interface enables it to communicate online with PLC, PC.
  5. High precision F (θ) mirror. Analytical shake can affect normal measurements.
  6. No outside noise and fog affect the measurement stability.
  7. Scanning speed: more than 800 per second



Accuracy 2µm±0.02%ty at 25℃ when the product is centered
Design Double shaft
Measuring Range 0.1~20mm
Door Size 25mm
Resolution 2µm
Laser Solid state laser diode. Class 2 laser, 1mW, max. λ = 675 nm
Scan speed 600 Scans (per axis per second)
Average / Scan Average of 64/128/256/512 Scans/second
Supply AC220V±10%, 50-60Hz ≤15W
Operating Temperature 5~45℃
Relative Humidity ≤80%