Electric Wire Stripping and Twisting Machine | MT-E180

Electric Cable Stripping and Twisting Machine MT-E180; is suitable for stripping computer peripheral cables, telephone lines, side lines, audio cables, microphone cables, power lines and tails.


Low-noise, fast, easy-to-use cable stripper thanks to the micro-motor inside. It is portable as it is easy to carry. It does the work of opening, stripping and twisting the inner insulation of single cables and TTR cables.



Model MT-E180
Input Voltage AC220V / 50Hz
Power 40 W
Weight 6kg
Stripping and Twisting 1-4 mm
Processing Range 0,1-1,5 mm²
Stripping Length 2-20 mm
Dimensions 210 L × 125 W × 155 H mm