Single Column Pushing Tensile Force Tester | MF-AEL; is designed for push-pull tests in vertical direction and in a single column. Combined with digital or analog push-pull force meters. This product has good stability, wide application range, convenient use advantages and single column structure. It also has stepless speed regulation, manual and automatic control switching function. It can meet the testing needs of rubber and plastics, light industry textiles, building doors and windows, composite materials, wire and cable, auto parts, and scientific research.



Maximum Load 5000N
Effective Stroke 200mm, 400mm ve 700mm(optional)
Test Speed 0-280 mm / minute
Working Voltage 220V
Main Dimensions 280 x 340 x 780 (200 mm);
280 x 340 x 980 (400 mm);
280 x 340 x 1270 (700 mm)
Net Weight 30 kg