Preset Torque Screwdriver | MTY-X

Preset Torque Screwdriver | MTY-X; It is designed for use in torque tests of screws.


  • Adjust the torque of the screwdriver to the required torque when the fastener is tightened; While presetting the torque value, hold the handpiece in one hand and hold the adjusting handwheel in the other hand and turn it to linear scale circle. Direction of pressure and then turn the adjustment handwheel clockwise. Set the main scale and subscale values to the desired torque value.
  • Select the end of the connector according to the head of the fastener and insert it into the hex joint of the screwdriver.
  • Insert a bit of the corresponding specification into the screwdriver, hold the handle to align the head with the fastener, and turn the screwdriver until the fastener tightening torque reaches the set value.
  • If it will not be used for a long time, set it to the minimum torque value.

Matters needing attention:

  1. This product is only suitable for clamping and testing within the calibration range.
  2. Do not use strong impact during use.
  3. It certainly cannot be used as other tools.
  4. Do not continue to apply force after the driver has “hit” the alarm.
  5. The measured value of this product has been corrected, do not allow unauthorized disassembly, so as not to cause measurement error.
  6. After use, the torque value should be adjusted to the zero position to keep the screwdriver precision and prolong its life.
  7. Do not touch this product with acids, alkalis and corrosive gases.




MTY- 0.6 MTY – 1.2 MTY – 3

MTY – 6

Usage Range


0.2~1.2(N.m) 0.5~3(N.m)


Division Value


0.02N.m 0.05N.m



± %5




Outer Diameter of the Handle



Common Size


Net Weight

~0.3 kg

~0.4 kg